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About us
As a young dynamic start-up, we are passionate about promising niche sports that have great values and are compatible with compatible with high level and Olympism. Our mission ? To make the practice of sport more accessible by developing new means of promotion, inventing new ways of using the equipment, and by building a specific event and media ecosystem.

Supported by committed and diversified investors, more-sport.com has already made a name for itself in the underwater hockey scene, notably by sponsoring the French teams and covering the biggest events.
Our services
Our production department is dedicated to the production and editing media content for the sports and events sector.

Ms Prod combines the know-how of our sports journalists, our technical experts (video editors, graphic designers) and our multi social network communication team, to create quality reports, interviews and documentaries with a precise objective: to give maximum visibility !
We already operate and feed numerous contents on an international scope.
Broadcast a live event and bring it to life for the greatest number of people is what thrills us. We have developed a strong know-how in recording and live stream of sport events in aquatic environment.

It is a complex context that has allowed us to develop the most efficient, least intrusive, and most robust solutions to ensure the best quality.

MS Live is our solution for bringing your event to life thanks to our enthusiastic commentators and our production that captures the best moments of a game for you.
To develop a sport, we imagine innovative services and innovative uses of sports equipment. We develop accessibility equipment and to sport for all. We offer and distribute the most adapted products on our MS Store.

This is what we propose with our MS Store: setting up of an online shop to market and distribute the equipment for confidential sports.
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